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Clinical Assessment and Treatment

Our full assessment examines all of the potential factors that may be contributing to your problem. We start with an interview, so that you can explain in your own words what is troubling you, how it affects you, how long it has been going on and how it started.

You will be asked about what activities aggravate your problem and what you can do to make it more comfortable. It is also important to get a “bigger picture” view of your health, so there will be questions about your general wellbeing, any medications you take, diet, stress, sleep habits and general levels of activity.

The physical assessment will closely examine the areas that you have pinpointed as problematic but will also review other parts of your body to see how they are functioning and whether more distant impairments might be contributing to your presenting problem.

Clinical Assessment and Treatment

At Podium Physio we focus on manual therapy, meaning hands-on treatment techniques. It is our experience that hands-on physio provides the best and quickest resolution to most musculoskeletal injuries. The techniques that we use include:

  • Joint mobilisation
  • Nerve mobilisation
  • Muscle stretching
  • Massage and frictions
  • Mulligan NAGS, SNAGS and MWMs
  • Dry Needling (Western Acupuncture)
  • PNF
  • Taping (Kinesio tape and rigid strapping)
Physical Therapy

In your journey back to full health and being injury free, it is important that you take responsibility for your own improvement by adhering to a rehabilitation program. It is very likely that you will be given some exercises to do and you may be asked to change some movement habits that are restricting your recovery.

We know that this is the part that requires the greatest discipline, so we use the best of modern technology to help you keep to your plan. Currently this involves the use of “PhysiApp” on your phone or PC, where specific personalised exercise videos are delivered right to your screen, with daily reminders!

Gym Based Programs

Many types of injuries respond best to strengthening via resistance exercises, which require gym equipment. Sometimes this can be done at home with some simple weights. You may already have equipment that would serve this purpose well, but if not, we can help you to source what you need.

Alternatively, you may prefer to attend a fitness centre. We can assist you to find a suitable gym near your home or work, plus create a program that will get you back to your best as quickly as possible. We also run  our own rehabilitation exercise classes at a nearby fitness centre, which is the optimal way to improve your strength with full physio supervision in a small group setting.

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