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Ergonomics Consulting

Ergonomics is the study and practice of tailoring a workstation, or entire work area to optimally suit the worker or workers who use it, to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injury and sickness, and improve worker performance and productivity.

Ergonomics Consulting

With the introduction of modern technology such as oversize computer screens, double and triple workstation monitors, laptops, tablets and sit-stand desks, we are now faced with new ergonomic issues that did not exist a generation ago!

A business that prioritises worker ergonomics demonstrates a strong commitment to safety and staff wellbeing and positions themselves as an employer of choice.

Principal physiotherapist Adrian Barei spent 7 years working in an occupational health clinic, treating injured workers, providing ergonomic assessments and developing preventative training programs in manual handling. During this period, he assisted hundreds of workers to improve their comfort and productivity at work.

Ergonomic assessments typically take between 10-30 minutes per staff member, depending on the work environment and level of interventions required. Podium Physio’s ergonomic consulting can include a report on each workstation if required, and we can provide resources on where to source any additional recommended workstation equipment.

Our current rate for ergonomics consulting is $250 + GST per hour. Contact Podium Physio now to discuss how we can assist your business to prevent musculoskeletal injuries through ergonomic optimisation.

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