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Why You Need Shorter Cranks!


Shorter cranks not only solve many bike fit problems, they also have been proven to benefit the key performance measure that all cyclists desire - more power! More and more research now shows that when cyclists change to shorter cranks on their bikes, they not only reduce the effects of hip joint restriction, but they can get more aero, actually produce more power and therefore ride faster and further. This bike fit and performance hack has been discussed for years in the cycling exercise science literature, but very few riders know about it and even fewer have done anything about it. I'm about to find out for myself. I'm 192 cm tall, have 175 mm cranks on my two road bikes, and am about to change over to 160 mm cranks that would normally only ever be fitted on the smallest of bike frames. Will this help me reduce my hip pain, ride faster and improve my power figures? Let's find out! 

Fix Cycling Foot Pain

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Wednesday, 28 February 2024

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