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Introducing Dr Evangeline Mantzioris, PhD


Evangeline is the Sports Nutrition Lecturer at Uni SA, and one of the speakers at my upcoming education evening for cyclists "The Cyclist's Unfair Advantage", which is a fundraiser for my entry into the 2019 Tour de Cure, raising money for cancer research. In these 2 short videos, Evangeline touches on some elements of  nutrition that are relevant to athletes and sports people in general. To hear more from Evangeline specifically about what cyclists can do to best fuel for their training, competition and recovery, come along the live event on Monday, May 20th 2019. 

Dr Evangeline Mantzioris "Replenishing Fluids" - YouTube

Dr Evangeline Mantzoulis, PhD, lecturer in Sports Nutrition at Uni SA, talks briefly on fluid replenishment for athletes. Evangeline is one of the guest expe...

Dr Evangeline Mantzioris "Protein" - YouTube

Dr Evangeline Mantzioris, PhD, Lecturer in Sports Nutrition at Uni SA, talks briefly about the importance of protein intake and timing to athletes. She is a ...

Tickets to the live event "The Cyclist's Unfair Advantage" available at the link below

The Cyclist's Unfair Advantage | TryBooking Australia

The Cyclist's Unfair Advantage - How does scientific research help us to improve our ability to ride better, faster and further? What can the amateur cyclist do to improve their results on the bike in training, group rides and competition? Learn more from a Sports Physio, a Sports Dietician and an Exercise Scientist in this fundraising evening event for the 2019 Tour de Cure raising money for cancer research. Detailed event description here http://podiumphysio.com.au/blog/all-posts/the-cyclist-s-unfair-advantage-1
Power Point Slides from "The Cyclist's Unfair Adva...
High Performance Cycling Physiology Testing at Uni...

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Monday, 27 June 2022

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