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Bike Fit using the Leomo Type R Motion Sensor System


 See how the most recent advances in bike fitting technology allow real time, on the road data collection

There are many bikefit systems available, all with their own pros and cons, but now, finally, bikefitting can emerge from the clinic and get out on the road, track or trail, where the real action takes place.

Using the unique LEOMO Type R motion sensor system, we can now collect data about your riding position and biomechanics wherever you do your riding, not just on the trainer.

So how does it work?

The LEOMO Type R system consists of 5 mini tiles, with each housing a 3 dimensional accelerometer and a gyroscope. These tiles are attached to key segments of your body, either by surgical quality adhesive or clever shoe clips. The typical setup is one sensor on each foot, one on each thigh, and one that sits against your sacrum.

Each motion sensor transmits position and movement data at 100 cycles per second. The data is captured on the LEOMO head unit which sits like any other bike computer on your handlebars, and can be seen in real time by the cyclist, or reviewed post ride on a computer screen where greater analysis options are available.

The beauty of this system is that you can collect information from the part of your cycling that is critical to you, whether a slow cruise, a long uphill drag, a steep sharp climb, fast descent or final moments of a full out sprint. And if your cycling issues only occur when you are fatigued, then this is the perfect way to see the changes as you tire.

On the graph in the video you can see left to right discrepancies, which might indicate a need to adjust cleat position. You can also see increases in pelvic rock and rotation, which are inefficiencies of energy transfer, which we could likely influence by altering saddle height, angle or position.

The professional peloton is also starting to embrace this new technology. Current world time trial champion Rohan Dennis has been using the type R for some time, and fellow Aussie Adam Hansen, from Lotto Soudal, has used the device throughout the 2019 Tour Down Under.

To get the full picture from your bike fit using the LEOMO Type R, visit Podium Physio at podiumphysio.com.au

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