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Bike Fit

Bike Fit

Most cyclists understand the importance of having their bike correctly adjusted and configured to match their height, body dimensions, individual strengths and weaknesses and to accommodate any long-term musculoskeletal impairments they might have.

Without a bike fit, you may be subjecting your joints and soft tissues to unnecessary load as well as reducing your pedalling power and overall performance. This can lead to injuries developing or worsening of pre-existing problems.

But why have a Bike Fit at Podium Physio? To multiply your chances of success!

All of our bike fits are conducted by principal physiotherapist Adrian Barei. Adrian is a keen amateur cyclist, has a Masters Degree in Sports Physio, has completed numerous bike fitting and cycling optimisation courses in Australia and Internationally, and has many years of bike fitting experience. This means that within the Podium Physio bike fit service, Adrian is able to:

1/ Make the necessary adjustments to your bike

2/ Provide feedback and coaching on any technical errors

3/ Set up an appropriate rehabilitation exercise and conditioning program for the cyclist where required

So what is involved?

Indoor Bike Fit

Indoor Bike Fit

This is conducted in our clinic or is available as a mobile service. We start by taking a history of your riding and any injury information or other health concerns. We then go through a comprehensive physical assessment to determine your flexibility, muscle strength, motor control and check for any dysfunctional movement patterns known to correlate with injury.

Your bike will be reviewed for any obvious set up anomalies such as inappropriate crank length or stem size, then we get you pedalling on your bike on our indoor trainer. Using video analysis, we watch your cycling technique and work out if any suboptimal patterns are due to pain or restriction, or simply bad habits creeping in. We then review your body position and joint angles on the bike to see how closely they match with recognised guidelines, taking into account your individual preferences and goals.

Frequently we find that there are some biomechanical contributors to injury problems, which require restorative exercise. As a highly qualified sports physio, Adrian is ideally placed to set up, monitor and progress an exercise rehabilitation program to complement any changes made to the bike. We cover all of the bases!

The Indoor Bike Fit requires up to 2 hours in the clinic or on-site.

Outdoor Bike Fit

Bike Fit Leomo Graph

Research shows that:

  • Your cycling biomechanics change considerably as you fatigue
  • Your movement pattern on an indoor trainer is different to outdoor cycling, largely because the bike is fixed in place when riding indoors and free to move under you when riding outdoors
  • Muscle activation patterns alter as power output changes, and when changing from flat riding to ascending/ descending
  • Most cyclists that have injuries relating to their riding find that the problems are accentuated on longer rides

The only way to fully appreciate the extent that the variables of ride duration, fatigue, power output, climbing and descending or riding in versus out of saddle have on cycling biomechanics is to collect data while performing your typical training outdoors in real life conditions.

Leomo Type R Motion Sensor System
Black Shoe with Leomo attached

Podium Physio utilises the unique Leomo Type R Motion Sensor System to capture data from your real-life outdoor rides to offer the ultimate bike fit service. Our Outdoor Bike Fit are performed as an additional service by request, once an indoor fit has been completed, either on the same day or during a subsequent appointment.

The structure of the Outdoor Bike Fit is as follows:

  • Set up of Leomo Type R motion sensors and bike computer on you and your bike
  • Go out for a ride – duration and route to be planned prior
  • Return for review and analysis of data and fine-tuning adjustment of your bike – A further 1 hour in the clinic or on-site

The Outdoor Bike Fit can be undertaken either at Podium Physio or on-site as a mobile service.

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